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Full Featured Desktop Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Cases

Built like a tank, the Pittsburgh Modular Cell DC cases are expandable, eurorack format synthesizer cases. The cases include a custom universal DC power supply, flexible power rails, and single row hardwood sides. A unique, low profile, heavy duty steel frame neatly houses up to 180hp of eurorack format synthesizer modules. The Cell DC cases are a perfect solution for studio or desktop applications, yet more than tough enough to pack in a bag and take on the road.

Cell DC cases are available in two sizes. The small case, Cell[48] DC, offers a compact 48hp and the larger case, Cell[90] DC, includes a full 90hp for eurorack synthesizer modules. Modular by design, both the Cell[48] DC and the Cell[90] DC can be configured as single or double row systems. Simply replace the included single row wood sides with a set of double row wood sides to create a beautiful two row case.




Cell DC Specs:

  • Heavy 16 Gauge Steel
  • Rear Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Rear Mounted Power Jack
  • Sliding Square Nuts
  • Included 4-40 Sized Panel Screws
  • Included Single Row Hardwood Sides
  • Universal DC Power Supply
  • 15V DC 2.6A DC Power Adapter
  • +5V Power Rail Included
  • Eurorack Bus Compatible
  • Available Depth for Modules: 52mm
  • Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply): 36mm


    Cell[90] DC Specs:

  • Suggested Retail Price: $349
  • Width: 456mm (90hp)
  • 18 Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 18 Modules 
  • 40 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included 
  • 16 Module Power Headers
  • Compatible with Double Row Hardwood Sides

    Cell[48] DC Specs:

  • Suggested Retail Price: $249
  • Width: 242mm (48hp)
  • 9 Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 9 Modules 
  • 20 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included 
  • 8 Module Power Headers
  • Compatible with Double Row Hardwood Sides


    Hardwood Sides:


    Hardwood sides are hand crafted from locally sourced hardwood trees. They are available in two different sizes and support up to two Cell DC cases.

    Single Row - Simple rectangle sides that support a single Cell DC case. Single Row sides are pre-drilled for easy assembly. A set of single row sides is included with each Cell case.

    Double Row - Triangle shaped sides that support two Cell DC cases. Double Row sides are pre-drilled for easy assembly and can be used standing up or laying down. Double row wood sides are available separately



    Steel Frame:


    The frame is made from heavy 16 gauge steel and covered with a durable black powder coating. A power switch and 2.1mm universal power adapter jack are included on the back panel. Cell[48] DC steel frame weighs 1.6lb. Cell[90] DC steel frame weighs 2.8lb.


    Power Supply:


    The included Pittsburgh Modular DC power supply provides +12V @ 900mA, -12v @ 900mA, +5V @ 500mA of power. A custom flexible power rail delivers a full compliment of power and the eurorack bus system to the modules using standard 16 pin keyed power headers. The power board uses an external 15V DC 2.6A DC power adapter.




    Installing Modules:


    Installing modules into a Cell DC case is easy. Click on the installation guide to the right for a simple walkthrough of the 5 step process.