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Oscillator v2

Analog Utility Oscillator
Suggested Retail Price - $199

A wide range, compact, analog VCO with a simple but 100% useful feature set. The streamlined Oscillator shares the same saw wave oscillator core circuitry as the larger Waveforms oscillator module providing it with massive analog triangle, saw, and pulse waves. The Oscillator offers 5 octaves of 1 volt per octave tracking, a frequency range starting as low as 7 seconds per cycle, allowing it to double as a reliable voltage controlled LFO, and an attenuated CV input that can be used for linear frequency modulation or pulse width modulation.


  • Simultaneous Triangle, Saw, and Pulse Wave Outputs
  • Excellent Logarithmic Conformance
  • Temperature Compensated 1 Volt Per Octave Operation
  • Sawtooth Wave Based Oscillator Circuit
  • Linear Frequency Modulation
  • PWM Input: 5% to 95%
  • LFO Below Audio Frequency Operation



Oscillator Controls:

Frequency and Fine Tune Controls - Full range sweeping coarse tune and limited range fine tune knobs.

CV Input - Frequency modulation or pulse width modulation CV input and attenuator.

FM/PW Switch - CV Input frequency modulation or pulse width modulation destination selector switch.

Oscillator Patch Points:

1V/O IN - One volt per octave CV input.
TRIANGLE WAVE OUT - Triangle wave output.
SAW WAVE OUT - Saw wave output.
PULSE WAVE OUT - Pulse wave output.


  • Size: 6hp
  • Module depth: 35mm
  • Power Usage: 25mA