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Dual Triple Mode Ring Modulator
Limited Edition Sold Out

The Dual Ring houses a pair of ring modulators with linked inputs and an output mixer creating unique sonic and signal routing possibilities. Each ring modulator offers 3 types of effects based around the classic ring modulation circuit.

A ring modulator multiplies two audio inputs together resulting in a unique form of amplitude modulation or frequency mixing. The output is the sum and difference of the frequencies present in each waveform. Ring modulation produces a signal rich in harmonic and non-harmonic tones often sounding metallic or bell-like.

The individual ring modulation circuits in the Dual Ring can be used independently, mixed, or chained together resulting in a large palate of uniquely rich and complex tones.

Effect 1: Ring Modulator - (Switch Full Left) Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs.

Effect 2: Floating Z Modulator - (Switch in Center Position) Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs summed with the ambient voltage within the circuit.

Effect 3: Linear Amplitude Modulator - (Switch Full Right) Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs summed with the carrier (Y) signal.


Each Ring Modulator Section Includes:
X and Y Inputs
Ring Modulator Type Switch
X and Y Input Attenuators
X Mix Output Attenuator used to mix the X input with the output of the modulation circuit.

The pair of Mix outputs are a mix of Out1 and Out 2.

Size: 10hp
Depth: 35mm
Power Usage: 35mA