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Oct172011 Reviews the Oscillator and Generator has posted a full video review of the Oscillator and Generator along with a write-up of the Outs and AudioMixer / Attenuator.


Pittsburgh Modular Featured on's Sonic Talk Podcast

Sonic Talk is the weekly podcast produced by  The host, Nick Batt, talks about the Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator and gives a quick audio demo around 52 minutes in.  Nick also mentions a full review is in the works.  Check out the video below and remember to subscribe to their podcast.



The New Batch of Modules

Take a look at the individual module pages for a high quality image and description of the new modules.


Some of the New Modules We are Working On

A picture of the pre-production prototypes of the VC Bend and the Dual Index.

Dual Index: ($139 available in September) 
An 8hp high quality dual linear VCA with both offset gain and attenuation plus a mix out and room for my big fingers. This module is based on the Generator's Index circuit. Nice warm sound. 

VCBend: ($139 available in September) 
A 6hp control voltage modulation module. This module takes the bipolar control voltage input and bends it to the amount of the CV input in relation to the Internal Voltage Reference pot. This module favours esoteric applications over precision. More often than not the output voltage does not resemble the input in any way. The control voltage output of this module is always positive. Both the control voltage input and VC input are attenuverted.

More info and discussion can be found at Muffwiggler.


An output expander module for the Generator that is all about outputs.

It has a VC Wave Shaper to produce Saw and Pulse waveforms based on the selected Triangle and Square wave.  Two BAD outputs produce "sub-octaves" based on the frequency relationship between Generator 1 & Generator 2.  FM Source switch changes the waveform used for internal FM between Generator 1 and Generator 2.  Options are Triangle, Internal FM Off, and the Variable Waveform the Generator module uses by default.  Seperate Triangle and Square outputs for Generator 1 and Generator 2 to compliment the Variable waveform ouputs available on the Generator module.

More info and discussion can be found at Muffwiggler.


Mod (Modulator):
A triple mode audio processor.  The Modulator offers 3 types of effects based on the standard Ring Modulator circuit.  Ring Modulator, Floating Z Modulator, and Linear Amplitude Modulator.

Type 1: Ring Modulator - Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs.
Type 2: Floating Z Modulator - Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs summed with the ambient voltage withing the circuit.
Type 3: Linear Amplitude Modulator - Outputs the sum and difference of the X and Y inputs summed with the carrier (Y) signal.


TRASH_AUDIO Synth Weekend 10 – Los Angeles

Pittsburgh Modular will be at the TRASH_AUDIO Synth Weekend 10.  We will be showing off a few of our new modules including the Dual Index and VC Bend.


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